About Mesh Effect

Owner: Michelle (Ayache) Beutler
Founded: 2006
Location: Sioux Falls, SD 57106

My experience in designing websites began in 1997 when I developed a database-driven website to help our high school students and parents find and apply for college scholarships.  I was then hired to design business websites at a local internet provider. 

In 2003, I earned a bachelor's degree in Electronic Commerce and an Associates Degree in Application Programming from Dakota State University.  In college my skills were expanded while working internships at two small manufacturing companies.  Redesigning and maintaining their websites was just one of my responsibilities, but it has remained one of my favorite tasks.  I continue to perform work for these companies.

I formed MEA Designs in 2006 to account for all the freelance web design and marketing work taking place outside of my 9-5 job.  I have continued to learn new programming languages and design techniques while helping small business through word of mouth from previous customers. 

I have since changed the business name to Mesh-Effect Marketing in 2015 and am expanding the business to include web hosting and a focus on marketing management and monitoring.